Welcome to this introductory media technology skills class at the UNC School of Media and Journalism.  Our simple goals are to introduce you to some of the tools and skills needed to engage in multimedia storytelling in online environments. We aim to demystify the technical aspects of audiovisual information packaging by engaging in basic hands-on video, graphic and web exercises. This team-taught course is ultimately intended to provide familiarity with, and insight into, some of the technological skill sets needed for the various professions in media and journalism.

Classroom and meeting times

Sections 121.13 & 121.14 meet on Mondays & Wednesdays in CA 132 (video) & CA 268 (web/graphics) from 6:05 – 7:20 p.m.  When joint classes are held, they will be in CA 132.


Chris Kirkman
(web and graphic instruction)
Phone: 919.260.8029  |  E-mail: chris.kirkman@gmail.com
Office Hours:  By appointment

Ken Medlin
(audio and video instruction)
E-mail: kwmedlin@ad.unc.edu
Office Hours:  By appointment

Required Supplies

SDHC memory card at least 16GB (can use 8GB if necessary).  Should be Class 10 and say it can store HD video.

USB flash drive (or thumb drive) or other external hard drive with at least 64 GB capacity.

Headphones with a standard mini jack (any headphones you might use with   your phone or mp3 player should work).

Domain name.  You will need to purchase a domain name for the Web/Graphics part of this class. (approximately $10 for one year)

Server space: You also will need to purchase server space.  More details will be provided in class. (approximately $5 a month with a 3-month minimum)

NOTE THAT textbooks are not required for this class.  Tutorials from Lynda.com, Code Academy and W3Schools are suggested to reinforce or enhance the knowledge you gain in class.

Other useful links: